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HCP Safety Lift Carts for Railcar Vibrators

April 30, 2024

HCP Safety Lift Carts are designed to aid railcar operators in placing and removing railcar vibrators into universal mounting brackets on hopper railcars. Manually maneuvering the railcar vibrators is a labor-intensive process with railcar vibrators varying in weight from 40 to 115 lbs. NAVCO offers our line of purposefully engineered HCP Safety Lift Carts to […]

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Railside Railcar Shaker Improves Unloading in Aggregate Yard

February 23, 2024

Unloading railcars at an aggregate yard is a crucial first step in the process for preparing material for loadout. How quickly and efficiently each railcar is unloaded has a significant impact on the productivity of the yard. When aggregates are brought in by rail, they often arrive in quantities of around 100 railcars at a […]

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Railcar Unloading: Eliminate Costly Carryback

March 4, 2022

A significant contributor to high costs of materials that are transported by railcar is often the material that remains in the railcar after the unloading process is complete. The residual material, known as carryback, increases operational costs as material is billed based on the weight loaded at time of shipment. This means any material remaining […]

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Solve Railcar Unloading Problems with HCP Railcar Vibrators

January 12, 2021

The NAVCO Hopper Car Portable (HCP) Railcar Vibrator is the original member of the NAVCO family of railcar vibrators and shakers which includes the Railside Car Shaker and the Overhead Railcar Shaker. Primarily used for unloading covered hopper railcars, the HCP Railcar Vibrator promotes material flow, protects workers and equipment, and ensures timely unloading. When […]

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The HCP Railcar Vibrator Makes Unloading Fast, Safe, and Easy

August 10, 2020

When unloading bulk material from railcars, efficiency is key. The less time it takes to move from one car to the next, the more money is saved. NAVCO HCP (Hopper Car Portable) Railcar Vibrators are specifically designed to be quickly and easily moved between hoppers during the unloading of hopper railcars, while providing the vibration […]

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Eliminate Carryback / Increase Unloading Capacity…

March 5, 2020

Eliminate Carryback / Increase Unloading Capacity / Enhance Safety / Reduce Maintenance   The NAVCO Overhead Railcar Shaker is designed to facilitate the unloading of bulk materials from open-top hopper railcars at transfer terminals and points of use. The NAVCO Overhead Railcar Shaker utilizes applied vibration technology to efficiently drive energy into the railcar, resulting […]

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