HCP Safety Lift Carts for Railcar Vibrators

HCP Safety Lift Carts are designed to aid railcar operators in placing and removing railcar vibrators into universal mounting brackets on hopper railcars. Manually maneuvering the railcar vibrators is a labor-intensive process with railcar vibrators varying in weight from 40 to 115 lbs. NAVCO offers our line of purposefully engineered HCP Safety Lift Carts to assist operators in handling the vibrators.

Each HCP Safety Lift Cart is designed to reduce the physical exertion needed to place, remove, and transfer the HCP Railcar Vibrator from railcar to railcar. The carts carry the vibrator weight and assist in raising and lowering the vibrators, minimizing the compromising and sometimes dangerous positions that occur with manual placement. By carrying most of the vibrator weight, the cart improves the ergonomic environment and reduce the risk of injury.


HCP Safety Lift Cart Models

NAVCO offers two models of HCP Safety Lift Carts — the Dolly Lift Cart and the Hand Crank Lift Cart. Each cart utilizes its own unique method to provide a safer, more efficient way to move railcar vibrators.


HCP Safety Lift Cart Dolly Lift Cart HCP Safety Lift Cart

Dolly Lift Cart


  • Simple rugged design for easy use
  • Wide wheelbase for stability
  • Handle is ergonomically located for comfort
  • Ends manual lifting of heavy vibrators
  • Kick stand for safe, stable resting position

The HCP Dolly Lift Cart functions on the principle of the lever. To utilize the cart, the operator presses down on the handlebar to raise the cradle of the cart. The cart is then wheeled into position towards the female dovetail bracket on the railcar’s hopper. With the vibrator male mounting head aligned with the female dovetail bracket on the hopper, the operator can then slowly allow the weight of the vibrator to nestle into the female bracket until the vibrator is no longer in the cart’s cradle. To remove the vibrator from the railcar, the process is simply reversed.


HCP Safety Lift Cart Hand Crank Lift Cart HCP Safety Lift Cart

Hand Crank Lift Cart


  • Compact design for use on railcar siding with limited space
  • 10” flat free wheel base for stability
  • Wide wheel base for stability
  • Rack and pinon lifting mechanism for low impact raising/lowering

The Hand Crank Lift Cart functions with the use of a rack and pinion mechanism. With the cart in its fully lowered position, the vibrator is placed into the cradle. The cart is then wheeled into place near the railcar hopper. Using the hand crank on the rack and pinion mechanism, the operator rotates the crank in the clockwise direction until the vibrator is lifted above the female dovetail bracket. The cart is then pushed forward to align the vibrator mounting head with the bracket on the hopper. Once aligned, the crank is turned counter-clockwise to lower the vibrator down into the bracket. To remove the vibrator from the railcar, the process is simply reversed.


NAVCO HCP Safety Lift Carts provide a safer more efficient method of placing, removing, and moving HCP railcar vibrators from car to car. If you have any questions about HCP Safety Lift Carts or would like to order one for your application, contact NAVCO today!