Foundry Vibrators Help Produce High Quality Cores in a Foundry

NAVCO was approached by a customer for help with improving their molding core process at their automotive parts foundry. When casting automotive parts, ensuring the final product is of the highest quality possible is a primary objective. One of the key steps in achieving a high-quality final product lies in the mold cores. During production of the cores, removal of the core from the molding core machine is a critical first step in yielding a superior finished product. If not done correctly, this can lead to defects in the core that either need to be corrected by hand or lead to the core being scrapped all together.

The customer was seeking a better option for applying vibration during core removal than the vibrators they were currently using. The current vibrators had a high failure rate, which caused operators to resort to the use of manual tools to fully remove the cores. This was leading to a high number of defective cores requiring repair, increasing costs and slowing production.

After discussing the customer’s process and reviewing NAVCO’s offerings of foundry vibrators it was determined that NAVCO’s line of match plate (MP) vibrators would be the right solution based on the vibrator’s design and application of vibration.

MP Vibrator Design

The MP Vibrator’s design incorporates a tab with a bolt hole, which allows for mounting to a wide range of machinery. This mounting methodology allowed for the vibrator to be bolted directly to the molding core plate, without interfering with the operation of the molding core machine.

The MP series, like all NAVCO vibrators, are machined to precise tolerances with quality materials, assembled with attention to detail, and factory tested to certify conformance to NAVCO standards. This process culminates with a complete solution resulting in a vibrator that provides long lasting operating life even in demanding environments. This makes it an ideal solution for service in the harsh environments typically found in sand casting foundries.

The customer agreed with the proposed solution and installed the match plate vibrators on the molding core machine at their production facility. The machine operators can easily activate the pneumatically powered match plate vibrator by depressing a foot pedal switch. Once activated, the match plate vibrators aid in a quick, damage free release of the cores from the molds. After using the vibrators for an extended period of time, the facility reported back that they were a success.

If you have an application that is experiencing material flow issues or have question about match plate vibrators, contact NAVCO today! We have a team of experts in applied vibration technology who are ready to help improve your bulk material handling processes and applications.