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Stainless Steel Pipe and Chute Vibrators Improve Material Flow

September 11, 2023

NAVCO had a customer approach us for help in addressing an issue with material plugging at their baby formula production facility. The product has a tendency to stick or clump together and builds up in the pneumatic conveying system as it is moved through the facility. This build up results in reduced flow and eventually […]

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Vibrahoist Improves the Hot Dip Galvanizing Process

October 27, 2022

Galvanizing metal is one of the best ways to ensure a piece of steel is able to provide a long productive working life, even in harsh environments. The hot-dip galvanizing process is the go to method for galvanizing a wide variety of products. Through working with galvanizing facilities over the years, NAVCO developed the Vibrahoist […]

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Stainless Steel BH Vibrators Help Spice Up Dinner

September 15, 2022

Not getting the correct blend of spices on a dish can take a great meal and make it mediocre. This is why food producers work hard to come up with the exact measurements of spices for their recipes and work to ensure all the food they produce meets their expectation and their customer’s. One of […]

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Pipe Vibrators Solve Material Flow Issues in Power Plant

June 23, 2022

Pipes and chutes are used in many industries to move material quickly and efficiently within the facility or plant. While these are often the best solution for moving material between areas of the process, they can be a primary source of material flow constraints, such as plugging. Conventional techniques to restore flow, like hitting the […]

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BH Truck Vibrators Improve Dump Truck and Trailer Unloading

June 2, 2022

Dump truck and trailer unloading can go from an easy job to a time consuming one, depending on the material the truck is hauling and the weather conditions. In the past, truck drivers have come up with ways to deal with sticking material by swinging sledge hammers and “bouncing” the truck in an effort to […]

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NAVCO Expands Manufacturing Space for Growth

April 15, 2022

NAVCO (National Air Vibrator Company) has completed a major building project at its Houston, Texas headquarters to expand its bin hopper vibrator, railcar vibrator, and vibratory equipment manufacturing quality control and testing space, and to build out additional, new office space for its growing engineering staff. “While some manufacturers paused during the pandemic, NAVCO moved […]

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Railcar Unloading: Eliminate Costly Carryback

March 4, 2022

A significant contributor to high costs of materials that are transported by railcar is often the material that remains in the railcar after the unloading process is complete. The residual material, known as carryback, increases operational costs as material is billed based on the weight loaded at time of shipment. This means any material remaining […]

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VacuVibe Improves Bulk Material Densification in Carbide Facility

January 6, 2022

Many industries struggle to meet their target weight/ fill levels in bulk material containers. Material not densifying enough within its container during the loading process can create costly delays, reduced margins, higher shipping costs, and constrain plant capacity. To combat these costly inefficiencies many operators resort to unsafe and destructive practices, such as hammering or […]

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Shakeout Table Improves Sand Reclamation in Foundry

October 27, 2021

The shakeout is a core component of a foundry’s casting process. It removes residual sand from the casting mold by shaking the casting until the sand has separated from the casting. The casting then moves down the process for cleaning and finishing, while residual sand remains. This leaves the foundry with a decision to make […]

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Bulk Material Flow Issues in Your Plastic Hoppers?

August 17, 2021

NAVCO has a Magnetic Solution Bulk material flow issues come with additional challenges in light duty applications where plastic hopper bins and intermediate bulk containers (IBC Tote) are utilized. Traditional methods of installing hopper vibrators to promote material flow, welding and bolting, are not advisable when working with plastic hoppers. Welding is not an option […]

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