About Us

NAVCO, The National Air Vibrator Company, was founded in 1955 as a manufacturer of pneumatic piston vibrators used to facilitate flow of bulk materials out of hoppers, bins, bunkers and bulk material processing vessels. Since that time, NAVCO has become a leading expert in material flow solutions. Our high quality, industrial grade, pneumatic piston vibrator line still remains at the core of our business today.

At NAVCO, we strive to add value to our customers’ processes using our thorough knowledge of bulk material characteristics and the application of vibration technology. Through our network of specialized representatives and distributors, we are able to maintain close relationships with our customers and provide customized vibration systems and vibratory equipment solutions.

From our facility in Houston, Texas, we provide engineering, testing, manufacturing, sales and service to customers around the globe.

The NAVCO Building, Houston Texas

Mission Vision and Company Values

Our Vision

We are a team of individuals working together with our partners to serve our customers’ needs.

Our Mission

We use applied vibration technology as a means to improve customers’ bulk material handling processes.

Our Values

We value relationships between fellow team members and corporate partners and so endeavor to:

Interact respectfully and professionally
Deal with honesty and discretion

We value the individuality of our fellow team members and so promote personal fulfillment by providing:

Fair compensation and benefits
Opportunities to contribute and participate in corporate success

We value our work environment and believe that it is positively affected by:

A welcoming culture
Availability of good work tools
Clean and organized facilities
A culture of continuous and positive change
Pleasing aesthetics
A dedication to safety