Eliminate Carryback / Increase Unloading Capacity…

Eliminate Carryback / Increase Unloading Capacity / Enhance Safety / Reduce Maintenance


The NAVCO Overhead Railcar Shaker is designed to facilitate the unloading of bulk materials from open-top hopper railcars at transfer terminals and points of use. The NAVCO Overhead Railcar Shaker utilizes applied vibration technology to efficiently drive energy into the railcar, resulting in the release of the bulk material, and assuring fast, safe, and complete unloading of the railcar. Typical applications include the unloading of:

  • Aggregates and sand
  • Coal
  • Mined ore and minerals
  • Coke
  • Biomass

The heavy-duty industrial design of the NAVCO Overhead Railcar Shaker makes it the right choice for the most difficult railcar unloading challenges. At the heart of the Overhead Railcar Shaker is a short shaft modular vibrating drive. The vibrating drive is directly coupled to the AC drive motor powering the shaker. The direct-drive technology eliminates the need for the constant adjustment and slippage of the old belt drive standard.

The power train of the shaker works to lift and drop the massive chassis approximately 1/8 inch per cycle. The impulse developed when the shaker contacts the railcar on the downstroke of each cycle initiates and maintains material flow for the most stubborn materials. The NAVCO Overhead Railcar Shaker features a rugged, stress relieved construction that provides many years of low maintenance service in harsh environments. NAVCO’s unique control packages enable operating adjustments to be made in real-time for specific application challenges.

Complete Overhead Shaker system solutions are available including the shaker, hoist, and interlocked control packages. The Overhead Railcar Shaker can also be supplied as a direct replacement upgrade unit.