Railside Railcar Shaker

Industrial Railside Railcar Shaker
Built for Heavy-Duty Applications

NAVCO® Railside Railcar Shakers are designed for unloading bulk material from hopper railcars in heavy-duty applications and harsh environments. It is sized to promote material flow in difficult to move bulk materials. From adipic acid to aggregates to dried distillers’ grain (DDG), the Railside Railcar Shakers ensures bulk materials keep flowing in the toughest industrial applications.

Heavy-Duty Railcar Shaker, Made in the USA

Made in the USA, Railside Railcar Shakers are designed to keep the toughest of material flowing out of hopper railcars

Long, Productive Operating Life

Designed with a heavy steel construction and minimal moving parts, this machine provides a long, reliable operating life in the toughest conditions.

Working Across Many Industries

This railcar shaker is the leading choice in many industries, including Aggregates, Power, Mining, Refining, Chemical, Grain, Feed, and many more.

Pneumatic and Electric Drive Options

With models designed for both pneumatic and electric power the Railside Railcar Shaker can easily be incorporated into existing railcar unloading applications.

A Safer, Faster Railcar Unloading System

Railside Railcar Shaker Railside Railcar Shaker
Railside Railcar Shaker

Decrease Hopper Railcar Unloading Times

Railside Railcar Shakers excel at decreasing railcar unloading times. The shaker creates a vibration response in the railcar that eliminates rat holes and bridging in a wide range of tough bulk materials including: Grains, Sugar, Bone Meal, Coal, Coke, Aggregates, Cement, Dried Distillers Grain (DDG), Adipic Acid, & Many More

Eliminate Costly Carryback

Completely empty railcars and stop incurring costly carryback charges. Railside Railcar Shakers utilize vibration to remove stubborn stuck material. Employees will no longer need to enter the railcar to manually scrape remaining material.

Safer Railcar Unloading

Put the sledge hammers down. Employees no longer need to hit railcars with large sledge hammers to get material to flow. The Railside Railcar Shaker automates the railcar unloading process keeping employees safe from potential injury.  

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Improve Railcar Loading

Railside Railcar Shaker

Increase Loading Efficiency

The Railside Railcar Shaker uses vibration to ensure the railcar’s full volume is utilized when loading. The vibration addresses three key factors during the loading process. This includes the angle of repose, de-aeration of the material, and geometric alignment of the material.

Angle of Repose
By knocking down the angle of repose of the material during the loading process, the full volume of the railcar is used versus having a peak of material at the loading area with unused space around it.

When loading material, it can trap air as it falls into the railcar, increasing the volume occupied by the material. The vibration from the Railside Railcar Shaker encourages the trapped air to escape during loading, allowing the material to condense into a smaller area.

Geometric Alignment
As material is loaded into the railcar, particle shapes can cause material to stack in a less than ideal arrangement, allowing for empty space. Introducing vibration during the loading process encourages geometric realignment of the particles, reducing the amount of unused space within the railcar.

Lower Transportation Cost

Railcar shipping rates are charged on a per car basis, regardless of railcar weight. By increasing the amount of material transported in each railcar, the Railside Railcar Shaker reduces the average transportation costs.

Decrease Loading Times

The high amplitude, low frequency vibration created by the Railside Railcar Shaker speeds the settling of materials, allowing for material to be loaded at a quicker rate.

Increase Safety

Although manual methods are sometimes effective, doing so can be a labor intensive and hazardous duty. Utilizing the Railside Railcar Shaker eliminates operators having to lift heavy equipment, enter railcars, or manually rake materials.

Plant Capacity

Plant capacity is sometimes limited by the amount of material that can be shipped out. The Railside Railcar Shaker improves loading efficiency through reduced loading times and increased individual railcar load weights, improving output of constrained plants.

Railside Railcar Shaker

A Railcar Shaker with Heavy-Duty Specs

Railside Railcar Shaker

Ready for 24 Hour Days

Designed to meet the needs of the heaviest of heavy-duty applications, Railside Railcar Shakers are able to operate 24/7.

Controlled Vibration

The Railside Railcar Shaker controls allow for easy manipulation of the operating frequency to meet the demand of changing conditions.

Customizable to Your Existing Railcar Unloading Facilities

Have a facility with an unusual layout? NAVCO can manufacture custom Railside Railcar Shakers to meet the specific demands of your railcar unloading operation.