Overhead Railcar Shaker

Industrial Overhead Railcar Shaker
Built for the Heaviest of Heavy-Duty Applications

NAVCO® Overhead Railcar Shakers are designed for unloading open-top hopper railcars in heavy-duty applications and harsh environments. These machines to promote material flow where other railcar vibrators fall short. From frozen coal to excessive fines to saturating moisture from rain, NAVCO Overhead Railcar Shakers ensures bulk materials keep flowing in the toughest industrial applications.

Heavy-Duty Railcar Shaker, Made in the USA

Made in the USA, NAVCO Overhead Railcar Shakers are designed to keep material flowing out of open top, bottom discharge hopper railcars.

Long Productive Operating Life

Designed with a heavy steel construction and minimal moving parts, this machine provides a long, reliable operating life in the toughest conditions.

Working Across Many Industries

This railcar shaker is the leading choice in many industries, including Aggregates, Power, Mining, Refining, and many more.

Empty Hopper Railcars
in the Toughest Applications

Overhead Railcar Shaker

Decrease Open-Top Hopper Railcar Unloading Times

NAVCO Overhead Railcar Shakers excel at decreasing railcar unloading times. The shaker creates a vibration response in the railcar that eliminates rat holes and bridging in tough material. From Coal to Coke to Aggregates to Asphalt, the NAVCO Overhead Railcar Shaker keeps your material flowing.

Safely Eliminate Costly Carryback

Completely empty railcars and stop incurring costly carryback charges. Overhead Railcar Shakers utilize vibration to remove stubborn stuck material. This also increases personnel safety, as employees no longer need to enter the railcar to manually scrape the remaining material.

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A Railcar Shaker with Heavy-Duty Specs

Each Overhead Railcar Shaker is manufactured in Houston, TX from US heavy steel and is normalized prior to assembly for stress relief.

Overhead Railcar Shaker

Ready for 24 Hour Days

Designed to meet the needs of the heaviest of heavy-duty applications, Overhead Railcar Shakers are able to keep operating all day and night.

Controlled Vibration

Variable frequency drive allows simple operating adjustments to meet the demand of changing unloading conditions.

Gear Box Exciter Drive

The Overhead Railcar Shaker utilizes a modular sealed gear box exciter drive with close coupled bearings for low shaft deflection and long operational life. Looking for replacement or spare exciter drives? Contact NAVCO today.

Overhead Railcar Shaker

Never Replace a Belt Again

A direct coupled cardan drive shaft eliminates costly downtime associated with belt replacement, tensioning and maintenance needs

Easy Maintenance Access

Bolted modular components allow easy access for maintenance or replacement.

Customizable to Your Existing Railcar Unloading Facilities

Have a facility with limited space? NAVCO can manufacture custom Overhead Railcar Shakers to meet the specific demands of your railcar unloading operation.