Vibrating Tables

NAVCO Vibrating Tables are custom engineered to fit your specific application requirements. Our tables are available with several different drive options, depending on the power source available and the application requirements. Each table is designed with a vibration isolation system that allows the energy input to the material to be maximized while minimizing the vibration transmitted to the frame and supporting foundation. NAVCO seamlessly integrates custom vibratory tables into existing processes.


  • Reduction of shipping costs resulting from increased container weight, smaller container sizes, and consistent container weights
  • Low maintenance and operation costs thanks to NAVCO’s experience and proven reliability in vibrating tables
  • Can be powered by either an electric or pneumatic drive
  • Made in the USA


  • Densification of bulk materials
  • Unloading Materials
  • Vibration or fatigue testing
  • Shakeout Tables
  • Compaction Tables

Common Table Arrangements

  • Grid Tops
  • Powered Roller Grid Tops
  • Load Cells
  • Jolt Tables
  • Low Profiles
  • Scale Frames
  • Container Retaining Fixtures
  • Special Construction Materials