Pneumatic Vibratory Feeder

Regulate Material Feed Rates for
Bulk Material Processing

NAVCO® Pneumatic Vibratory Feeders are versatile, time tested performers in bulk material handling applications that require feeding and conveying in hazardous locations. Engineered to order Pneumatic Vibratory Feeders are available in a wide selection of sizes and options.

Made in the USA

NAVCO Pneumatic Vibratory Feeders are engineered and manufactured in the United States.

Supporting Industry

The Pneumatic Vibratory Feeder has been utilized across many industries, including chemical, plastics, agriculture, and more.

Pneumatically Driven

Pneumatic Vibratory Feeders are driven by pneumatic / air vibrators making them easy to incorporate into existing industrial processes.

Custom Pneumatic Vibratory Feeders
Engineered to Your Application

In-house engineering and design teams provide customized Pneumatic Vibratory Feeders to meet your exact needs, making them easily integrated into your current work flow.

Adjustable Feed Rate

The feed rate can be adjusted via the air pressure to ensure the optimal amount of material for downstream equipment.

Pans, Tubes, and Covers

All Pneumatic Vibratory Feeders are available in standard pan configurations with optional bolted and removable covers to mitigate dusting. Additionally, they are available in round, square or rectangular tube configurations.

Instant On/Off for Precise Batching Control

With no wind up or wind down time, pneumatically driven feeders are ideal for applications where instant start/stop is required for precision feeding.

Integrated Hoppers

Integrated hoppers with base support stands are available. Each hopper is designed for the exact volumetric storage capacity and to deliver proper material flow into the feeder to ensure optimum performance.

Food Grade

Pneumatic Vibratory Feeders are available with food grade finishes to meet the exact application requirements.

Pneumatic Vibratory Feeder - Hopper and Stand

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