Heavy Duty Bunker Excitation (Big BH’s)

NAVCO’s big BHs are high amplitude, low frequency pneumatic piston vibrators that are ideal for use on large bunkers and chutes (pipe/chute mounting system available). These units are designed for heavy duty, harsh condition service on large capacity, thick plated storage bunkers and chutes. NAVCO’s big BH vibrators generate linear vibration over a large area that reduces material sliding friction which promotes fast and complete movement of even the most stubborn materials. Big BH vibrators eliminate the need for manual clean out of bunkers – increasing worker safety, and eliminating costly shut downs.


  • Eliminates need for sledgehammering – keeping your bin walls from being physically compromised
  • Easy installation does not require penetration of bunker walls – low installation costs
  • Eliminates the need for manual clean out – reduced labor costs
  • Long operating life – designed for use in harsh conditions
  • Made in the USA

BH – Bin Hopper Size and Dimensions

ModelA1BCDEFG2HJK3Wt.(lbs)Wall ThicknessAir Consumption
BH-51216-1/28-1/21214-1/247-1/41/21/21803/8 – 1/22828
BH-61-1/2219-1/29-7/81114-1/2710-1/81/21/23503/8 – 1/23535
BH-822-1/222-1/211-1/21316-1/28-1/212-1/43/43/46501/2 – 3/44139
1. A = Mounting Bolt Diameter
2. Star Indicates Two Bolt Mount
3. Air Inlet Connection(N.P.T)

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