Stainless Steel BH Vibrator

The Stainless Steel NAVCO BH 1¼ is a Pneumatic Piston Vibrator designed to provide reliable performance and easy cleanability, crucial to the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Stainless Steel BH 1¼ is ideally suited to ensure consistent material flow of light duty bulk material in any environment.

The Stainless Steel BH 1¼ vibrator incorporates a special low friction coating on the piston and bore. The piston is the only moving part, which makes the pneumatic piston vibrator reliable and low maintenance.  The stainless steel material of construction lends the vibrator to suitability for clean or wash-down environments.


  • Cleanability — Great for wash-down environments
  • Weather-Proof
  • Compliments Stainless Steel Hoppers/Vessels
  • The compressed air exhaust can be ported away from the production environment or to the atmosphere
  • Low friction coating means BH 1.25 can be operated without oil
  • Made in the USA

Why use pneumatic piston vibrators?

The advantages of linear vibration produced by NAVCO pneumatic piston vibrators include:

  • Linear Vibration – forces generated by NAVCO pneumatic piston vibrators are linear, so they may be directed to the problem area. Damaging shear forces are not applied to the mounting bracket or storage vessel.
  • High Amplitude, Low Frequency – The high-energy impulse vibration generated by NAVCO pneumatic piston vibrators is effective in reducing the strength of bulk materials and the sliding friction between the material and the bin wall. This is accomplished without approaching resonant frequencies, which can cause significant structural damage to the bin or hopper.


BH Models – Sizes and Dimensions

BH MODEL dim Stainless Steel BH Vibrator          Stainless-x4-aaa

Model* A1 B C D E F G2 H J K3 Wt. (lbs) Wall Thickness Air Consumption
Stainless Steel BH-1-1/4 1/2 3/4 5-5/8 3 4-1/2 6 * 2-1/2 1/4 1/4 8 1/16 – 1/8 4.2 4

* Click Model to View Product Data Sheet (PDF)