Pipe & Chute Shaker

NAVCO’s Saddle Mount Vibrator System keeps your process moving by ensuring material flow through problematic areas of pipes and chutes. NAVCO’s unique approach to vibrator mounting on pipes and chutes maximizes energy transfer to keep even the most stubborn of materials flowing. The bolt-on mounting assembly is installed without welding, and can be loosened and relocated to meet changing flow restrictions.


Benefitspipe dwg

  • Heavy-Duty bracket construction provides reinforcement of the pipe to maximize the vibrators area of influence
  • Maximum surface area contact transmits the vibration energy directly through the pipe and into the material
  • Clamping assembly allows easy relocation of vibrator to meet changing flow restrictions
  • NAVCO specifies the correct vibrator size and type for optimal results
  • Bolt-on, no welding required
  • Made in the USA

NAVCO’s Pipe Shakers are available for any size pipe or chute and are proven in a broad range of applications. All Saddle Mount Vibrator Systems are shipped complete with safety cables/fasteners and are ready for installation when they arrive.

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