MagneVibe: The Magnetic Mount Vibrator

Keep Your Material Moving,
No Hammers Necessary

The MagneVibe magnetic mount vibrator from NAVCO® is uniquely engineered for light duty applications with occasional material flow problems. Designed to aid flow in light gauge walled bins and hoppers, these vibrators attach to the exterior of the bin wall through an incorporated magnet in the vibrator’s head. At 7 1/2 in long and providing over 20 lb of force the MagneVibe eliminates the need to hit bins with hammers to initiate material flow.

Built in the USA

Made in the USA, the MagneVibe is designed and built in Houston, TX. Since its inception it has been utilized across the US to promote material flow in light duty applications.

Let MagneVibe Take Care of Your Light Work

Designed for light duty applications the MagneVibe has been utilized across many industries: Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Pet Food, and many more.

Pneumatic Piston Vibrator, Runs on Air

The MagneVibe is easily incorporated into any process with access to plant / instrument air.

Light Duty, Portable Vibrator
With A Magnetic Mount

MagneVibe Magnetic Mount Pneumatic Vibrator

Flow Facilitation, No Hammer Needed

MagneVibe deliver over 20 lb of material moving force that doesn’t damage storage vessels. So whether material is caking, bridging, arching, or rat holing, the MagneVibe eliminate the need to use hammers to keep production running.

Works on Light Gauge Walled Bins, Hoppers, Totes, & Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)

Designed for light duty applications, the MagneVibe excels at keeping material flowing out of light gauge walled storage vessels including bins, hoppers, totes, and IBCs.

Portable Performance

Weighing less than 5 lb. and measuring 7 1/2 in long the MagneVibe Vibrator is easy to move from vessel to vessel. This means a single vibrator can be used to keep multiple vessels flowing.

Eliminate Cross Contamination in Process Vessels

MagneVibe removes residual material from vessels, ensuring a thorough clean out and eliminating cross contamination between materials.

Increased Safety

Lower recordable incident rates by removing the need for employees to repetitively swing hammers to keep material flowing. Additionally, all MagneVibe Vibrators come standard with an integrated safety cable & latch.

MagneVibe On Tote

Works on Non-Metal and Non-Ferrous Vessels Too

MagneVibe is available with optional ferrous mounting plates that use adhesive backings to allow for operation on non-metal and non-ferrous vessels. The mounting plate is placed at the problem area of the bin and allows the vibrator to easily attach to the vessel to promote flow or clean out.

MagneVibe and Ferrous Pad for plastic hopper

Got a Question?
NAVCO has a team of experts with the knowledge and experience to help get your bulk material flowing.

Spec’d for Your Light Duty Applications

Designed to be portable and light weight the NAVCO MagneVibe
is ideal for promoting material flow in light duty applications.

MagneVibe Drawing Diagram








Wt. (Lb)

Wall Thickness








Up to 1/6

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MagneVibe With Included Accessories

Included Accessories:
All MagneVibe Vibrators come complete with 5ft of air hose, a manual valve, safety cable and latch.

Optional Accessories:
Adhesive backed ferrous mount pads and quick connect air hose fittings.

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