FV Vise Mount

The FV Quick Clamp is ideal for use on cement forms, wooden forms, steel forms and core boxes.
The FV forces out air pockets, improves surface finish and speeds up mold release when used on cement forms.


  • ‘Quick Clamp’ vibrators are of a one-piece construction design.
  • Variable vibration frequency and impact force is obtained through
    adjustment of air pressure. (from 20 to 70 p.s.i.)
  • Equipped with it’s own clamp, the ‘Quick Clamp’ eliminates
    the need for mounting brackets.
  • Fits a variety of installations due to the C-Clamp type mounting bracket.
Piston Diameter Length Weight Jaw Opening Size
FV 2″ 9 – ½” 22 lbs. 3 – ½”