FR Flask Shake Out

FR 4″ on a Flask Shake-Out – for rapid “shake out” cleaning of flasks and pots and general knock out work.
Can also be used to pack parts and chemicals and other bulk material containers.

Piston Dia. SizeABCDEFGHAir Consumption at 50 PSIWeight
FR-3″20″5″8-1/2″6″5″2-1/2″3-1/2″3/8″21 scfm127 lbs
FR-4″23″6-1/2″12″6-1/2″6-1/2″2-1/2″3-1/2″1/2″25 scfm175 lbs
FR-5″27- 1/4″7″12″6-1/2″6-1/2″2-1/2″3-1/2″1/2″28 scfm245 lbs