Bin Hopper (BH) Vibrators

Keep Your Bulk Materials Flowing
With NAVCO Bin Hopper (BH) Vibrators

NAVCO® BH Vibrators are pneumatically-driven piston vibrators engineered to keep your material flowing no matter where it’s housed.  Whether it’s material sticking, bridging or rat holing, NAVCO BH Vibrators break up the log jam and Get Your Material Moving!

Time Tested Industrial Vibrators, Made in the USA

Made in the USA, the original NAVCO BH Vibrator design was introduced in 1955. The BH Vibrator keeps material flowing across the USA and around the world, helping to manufacture the products you use every day.

Deployed Across Multiple Industries

Agriculture, Energy, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Food Processing, Metal Manufacturing, and many more.

Pneumatic (Air) Power to Fit Your Work Flow

Pneumatically driven BH Vibrators are easily incorporated into existing industrial processes.

Process Reliability

Downtime and process upsets can have a negative impact on productivity and profitability. BH Vibrators eliminate process interruptions due to lack of material flow.

Coal Chute - BH 5.00 Vibrator

High Amplitude and Low Frequency = Consistent Material Flow

The high-energy impulse from the high amplitude, low frequency vibration reduces the sticking strength of bulk materials and the sliding friction between the material and the container wall. This enables a consistent flow of materials through the container. 

Linear Vibration Enables Precise Problem Solving

The forces generated by BH Vibrators can be directed and concentrated in problem areas. The linear nature of the vibration force also ensures no damaging shear forces are applied to the mounting bracket or storage vessel.

Protect Employees and Equipment

Eliminate taking a hammer to hoppers and containers to get your material moving.  By incorporating a BH Vibrator into your process, you can protect your employees’ health and safety while reducing the wear and tear on your equipment.

Move Bulk Material No Matter the Container

BH Vibrators have been utilized on all the most common containers in use today, Silos, Hoppers, Bins, Bunkers, Chutes, Pipes, Vessels and International Bulk Containers (IBC) have all been outfitted with BH Vibrators.  They have also been used on other types of equipment including Spray Dryers, Feeders, Pile Driving, Trucks, Vibrating Tables, and More.

Chute BH Vibrator

Get the Most Out of Your BH Vibrator with Our Bin Mapping Services

Understanding where to place the vibrator can be just as important as having the vibrator. This is why NAVCO offers bin mapping services to all our customers who purchase a vibrator. Our engineers work closely with our customers to understand their issues and the equipment they utilize. With that information, the engineers map out a detailed diagram that show where to place and how to operate the vibrators. By following the guidelines given in the bin mapping service; sticking, bridging, and rat holing of your bulk materials will become a thing of the past.

BH Vibrators Come In Three Types

Available in Repetitive Impact, Single Impact, and Air Cushioned the BH Vibrator can apply the correct force necessary to keep your material flowing. With each type available in multiple sizes, NAVCO has the right BH Vibrator for your application. 

Repetitive Impact BH Vibrator - High Impact Hits Over & Over Again

The Repetitive Impact BH Vibrators are designed to maximize the bin response by utilizing a high-energy impulse. With each stroke of the vibrator the internal piston strikes the base of the unit transferring the maximum amount of linear force.  This impacting method is the most effective of the three in eliminating difficult flow problems.

Repetitive Impact BH Vibrator with Trace
Single Impact BH Vibrator with Trace

Single Impact BH Vibrator - One Hit Wonder

Designed to have the piston give a single impact into the base, the Single Impact BH Vibrator proves a single high energy impulse triggered by a timer, button, or other controlling device. They excel at helping fine and light materials move and at addressing problem areas of a container that need just a little extra encouragement to get material flowing.

Silent BH Vibrator - Reduced Noise Levels

Also known as air cushioned, quiet, or sinusoidal the Silent BH Vibrator traps a pocket of air between the piston and base eliminating the physical impact between the two. This allows the vibrator run at a lower noise level when compared to the two impact BH Vibrators. There is a trade off in the reduced noise level as a larger sized unit may be needed to produce the same amount of linear force.

Silent BH Vibrator with Trace

Multiple Sizes to Fit Your Application

BH Vibrator Size Diagram

All three types of NAVCO BH Vibrators are available in multiple sizes. Our smaller BH Vibrators excel at moving material in small, light walled vessels and are great at moving fine powdered materials. Our larger BH Vibrators can handle large heavy-duty vessels such as coal bunkers helping ensure a consistent material flow. With this wide range of sizes, finding the right BH Vibrator for your application is easy.

Model* A1 B C D E F G2 H J K(NPT)3 Wt. (lbs) Wall Thickness
BH 1.00 1/2 1/2 3-3/4 1-3/4 3-1/2 4-1/2 N/A 2 1/4 1/4 3 1/16 – 1/8
BH 1.25 1/2 3/4 5-5/8 3 4-1/2 6 N/A 2-1/2 1/4 1/4 8 1/16 – 1/8
BH 1.62 5/8 1 7-1/4 3-3/4 7-1/2 9 N/A 3-1/4 1/4 1/4 18 3/16 – 1/4
BH 2.00 5/8 1 7-1/4 3-3/4 7-1/2 9 N/A 3-1/4 1/4 1/4 18 3/16 – 1/4
BH 3.00 7/8 1-3/8 9-1/2 5 7-3/4 10-1/2 3-1/4 5 3/8 3/8 50 1/4 – 3/8
BH 3L 7/8 1-1/2 12 6-1/4 7-3/4 10-1/2 3-1/4 5 3/8 3/8 64 1/4 – 3/8
BH 4.00 1 1-1/4 11-3/4 5-7/8 12 14-1/2 4 6-1/2 1/2 1/2 105 3/8 – 1/2
BH 5.00 1 2 16-1/2 8-1/2 12 14-1/2 4 7-1/4 1/2 1/2 180 3/8 – 1/2
BH 6.00 1-1/2 2 19-1/2 9-7/8 11 14-1/2 7 10-1/8 1/2 1/2 350 3/8 – 1/2
BH 8.00 2 2-1/2 22-1/2 11-1/2 13 16-1/2 8-1/2 12-1/4 3/4 3/4 650 1/2 – 3/4
* Click Model to View Product Data Sheet (PDF)
1. Mounting Bolt Diameter     2. N/A Indicates Two Bolt Mount     3. Single Impact Model See individual PDF
Multiple sizes of NAVCO BH Vibrators

Got a Question? Speak with Someone Local
The NAVCO network of Representatives are located in cities across the country, ready to help you choose the right BH Vibrator for your application.

Customize to Your Application

In the majority of applications, NAVCO standard BH Vibrators offer a long, reliable life in even the most severe environments. For applications that require features beyond the standard, our BH Vibrators are available with a broad range of customizations options that can be tailored to your process. From sanitary environments to high temperature locations, we’ve got you covered.

PTFE Low Friction Coating

PTFE can be applied both the interior and exterior of the BH Vibrator. Internally it offers natural lubricity for applications where lubrication is not an option and is more forgiving to potential internal contaminants (particles from atmosphere, poor air quality, etc.). Externally the coating is more suitable to clean and washdown environments.

Custom BH Vibrator with PTFE Coating

Tapped Exhaust(s)

Exhaust porting and tapping options available to suit the application. Tapped exhaust ports muffle the vibrator exhaust or allow it to be ported out of the work area.

Washdown & Corrosion Coating

Coating available to help with washdown and corrosion of the vibrators. For food grade applications please see our Stainless Steel BH Vibrators.

High Heat Coating

Special tolerance and coatings are available for extreme heat applications.

Mounting Options

NAVCO offers a broad range of standard mounting options so that you can get vibration right where you need it. Don’t see a suitable option below? We also specialize in working with our customers to design custom fixtures for novel applications. From radiation cleanup at Fukishima to installing thermoprobes in Alaska, we’ve seen it all. Contact us today if you would like to discuss your application in detail.

Channel Mount

NAVCO’s standard for mounting. Suitable for installations on a broad range of vessels, from dump body trailers to silos.

BH Vibrator Channel Mount

T-Slot Mount

T-slotted mounting plate suitable for mounting on flat sided vessels.

BH Vibrator T-Slot Mount

U-Bolt Mount for Pipes and Chutes

Light duty mounting option for pipes and chutes. Designed to fit specific pipe OD to ensure snug fit. Allows vibration to be applied to small pipe ODs.

Saddle Mount for Pipes and Chutes

Saddle Mounts designed to fit your specific pipe OD. Heavy duty saddle mount provides reinforcement to the pipe section, while ensuring distribution of vibration around the circumference of the pipe. Allows easy relocation to meet changing process demands.

Saddle Mount for Conical Hoppers

NAVCO will design and manufacture a conical saddle mount to fit your specific hopper. This is an optimal installation for areas where a welded installation is not feasible.