Bin Hopper Vibrator (BH Series)

BH model pneumatic piston vibrators are ideal for use on storage containers such as bins, hoppers, and silos to effectively promote material flow by eliminating the formation of bridges and rat holes. NAVCO vibrators for hoppers and bins work well as drives on linear motion vibratory feeders and they are ideal for use on screens and vibratory tables. Bin/Hopper vibrators come in 10 sizes to fit a wide range of applications.

Why use pneumatic piston vibrators?

The linear vibration of NAVCO industrial pneumatic vibrators offers the following advantages:

  • Linear Vibration – The forces generated by NAVCO pneumatic piston vibrators are linear, so they may be directed and concentrated in the problem area. In addition, no damaging shear forces are applied to the mounting bracket or storage vessel.
  • High Amplitude, Low Frequency – The high-energy impulse vibration generated by NAVCO pneumatic piston vibrators is effective in reducing the strength of bulk materials and the sliding friction between the material and the bin wall. This is accomplished without approaching resonant frequencies, which can cause significant structural damage to the bin or hopper.
  • Low Maintenance – NAVCO BH units provide years of effective performance when installed and operated properly.
  • Made in the USA

Bin Hopper Vibrator General Information

Bin Mapping

The unique NAVCO Bin Mapping methodology involves a detailed evaluation of the storage vessel and its intended bulk material. Recommendations are made based on a variety of factors including bulk density, particle size, moisture content, temperature, vessel size and shape. NAVCO pneumatic piston vibrators are sized for the application and their area of influence is determined. The vibrators are located on the bin or hopper so that the areas of influence overlap; vibrators are operated in a sequence that provides optimal flow pattern and minimal utility consumption.

BH Models – Sizes and Dimensions


Model*A1BCDEFG2HJK3Wt. (lbs)Wall ThicknessAir Consumption
CFM @ 50 PSI
BH-11/21/23-3/41-3/43-1/24-1/2*21/41/431/16 – 1/83.33
BH-1-1/41/23/45-5/834-1/26*2-1/21/41/481/16 – 1/84.24
BH-1-5/85/817-1/43-3/47-1/29*3-1/41/41/4183/16 – 1/47.57.2
BH-25/817-1/43-3/47-1/29*3-1/41/41/4183/16 – 1/48.38
BH-37/81-1/29-1/257-3/410-1/23-1/453/83/8501/4 – 3/811.611.6
BH-3 -L7/81-1/2126-1/47-3/410-1/23-1/453/83/8641/4 – 3/81414
BH-411-1/411-3/45-7/81214-1/246-1/21/21/21053/8 – 1/218.218.2
BH-51216-1/28-1/21214-1/247-1/41/21/21803/8 – 1/22828
BH-61-1/2219-1/29-7/81114-1/2710-1/81/21/23503/8 – 1/23535
BH-822-1/222-1/211-1/21316-1/28-1/212-1/43/43/46501/2 – 3/44139
1. Mounting Bolt Diameter
2. * Indicates Two Bolt Mount
3. Air Inlet Connection (NPT)

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