NAVCO Eliminates Coal Carryback in Railcars

Rapid discharge unit trains were being utilized to deliver coal to a local power generation facility. The railcars were not completely unloading and the plant was incurring significant costs associated with the stubborn coal, also known as “carryback.”

Seeking to reduce their fuel costs, plant personnel set out on a search for a solution. Following consultation with NAVCO personnel, the Railside Car Shaker was identified as the piece of equipment that fit the bill. The NAVCO Railside Car Shaker is a permanently mounted system that utilizes vibration to facilitate the movement of stuck material. Following implementation of the Railside Car Shaker, the plant recognized a decrease in unloading times and they were able to completely empty all coal from the railcars. These improvements contributed to a notable reduction in their average fuel costs. This cost reduction quickly paid for the equipment and installation costs, and the equipment has continued to contribute to the plant’s efforts to minimize operating costs.

The Railside Car Shaker is available in arrangements for unloading railcars while moving or stationary. Both arrangements are available with pneumatic or electric drives. The included control packages for each piece of equipment are easily integrated into the operation for local or remote control.

NAVCO, a leading manufacturer of industrial vibrators and vibratory equipment, has been solving bulk material flow problems using pneumatic piston vibrators for over 60 years. Incorporating the most advanced manufacturing techniques, quality control, and bulk solids flow technology, NAVCO provides effective solutions utilizing reliable, field-proven equipment.

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