Large BH Vibrators Solve Material Flow Problems

Large Bins, hoppers, and bunkers utilize NAVCO’s large industrial vibrators to solve material flow problems.

The impulse (thumping) forcing function of NAVCO Large BH pneumatic piston vibrators efficiently transfers vibration through heavy-walled bins and bunkers that resist vibration transfer of the sinusoidal forcing function of other vibrator types.

Highly effective NAVCO Large BH vibrator systems initiate and maintain the flow of coal, ore, wood chips, minerals, and other materials through large, heavy-walled bins and bunkers used in heavy industry.

The systems often serve as insurance to assure flow in adverse conditions caused by the change in weather, change in material characteristics, or process upsets. They are also used to clean out large bins and bunkers as a process is brought offline.

The NAVCO Big BH vibrators are mounted externally, contributing to ease of installation, elimination of contamination, and assurance of safety in combustible environments such as coal hoppers and bunkers.

NAVCO has been solving bulk material flow problems using applied vibration systems with pneumatic piston vibrators since 1955. Incorporating the most advanced manufacturing techniques, quality control, and bulk solids flow technology, NAVCO provides effective solutions utilizing reliable, field-proven equipment.

Our technically oriented sales agents provide local inventory and knowledgeable, personal service. Our corporate engineering group provides technical design support for challenging material flow applications.