HCP Portable Railcar Vibrator

NAVCO manufactures a complete line of portable pneumatic hopper car vibrators for railcar and other portable industrial applications. The NAVCO HCP railcar vibrator is designed to provide portable, reliable and effective performance in difficult applications and severe environments. The NAVCO HCP ensures railcar unloading is an efficient and safe process.


  • All HCP units come standard with non-stick coating on all internal surfaces – providing optimum service life.
  • Rugged mounting head fits all dovetail brackets found on North American hopper cars.
  • Our exclusive “free ride” design is THE most efficient means to transmit vibration energy. Also eliminates hang-ups, allowing for trouble free installation and removal of the HCP unit.

HCP General Information Sheet


  • Minimizes unloading time while significantly reducing material carryback.
  • Low air consumption results in utility savings over comparable products.
  • Reduces material build up at the outlet opening of the railcar.
  • Eliminates damage inflicted to railcars by sledge hammering.
  • Increases personnel safety – removes need for hazardous manual scraping of interior walls of the railcar.
  • Made in the USA.

Safety Lift Carts

  • Compact design for use on railcar siding within a limited space.
  • Rack & pinion lifting mechanism to minimize physical risk.
  • Custom carts are also available.


Sizes and Dimensions




Air Consumption

 (SCFM @ 50 PSI)

HCP 2.0011 3/43 1/411″7″6 1/88″1/4428
HCP 3.0014 1/45″8″7″6 188″387214
HCP 3.L016 125″8″7″6 188″388018
HCP 4.0016 148″9 147″6 188″1211526

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